Corssair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 256GB Flash Drive 837

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Founded in 1994, Corsair has grown from pioneering the high-performance DRAM market to one of the world’s leading providers of enthusiast-grade PC comp... more details

AED 837.00

  • Powered by an SSD controller

  • Amazing and consistent performance

  • Premium design

  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible

  • Universal operating system compatibility



SSD performance. Now in convenient travel size.

Most USB drives are fast... until it's time to copy a large file and you're looking at a progress bar that lingers around too long. The solution? Integrate an SSD controller and SSD-grade NAND memory into a drive. Flash Voyager GTX gives you transfer speed that rivals your PC's solid-state drive. Go ahead and copy those huge files, and spend less quality time with the progress bar.

A gigabyte in three seconds

USB drives were conceived in a world where shuttling office documents back and forth was all you needed. But that's not good enough anymore. Today, you need to move large images, huge videos, and enormous music collections. You need the capacity to hold them, and more importantly, you shouldn't have to wait.

Flash Voyager GTX clocks in at up to 450 MB / second reads, and writes at up to 360 MB per second. That's twice the speed of other high-performance USB keys. The future of portable storage performance is finally here.





Additional Info

Additional Info

Name Corssair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 256GB Flash Drive
Brand Corsair
Series Voyager GTX
Type USB Flash Drives
USB Specification USB 3.0
Color Black
Capacity 256GB

Powered by an SSD controller
Experience file transfer speeds that rival solid-state drives.

Amazing performance
Read speed up to 450MB/s and write speed up to 360MB/s.

Consistent performance
Provides fast transfer speeds for both large and small files.

Premium design
A zinc alloy casing with aluminum accents protects your data in style.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible
Take advantage of faster speed on the newest systems and enjoy full support on older systems.

Universal operating system compatibility
Works on Windows, OS X and Linux with no driver installation necessary

Dimensions (mm) 3.07" x 1.04" x 0.42"


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