Seagate 8TB NAS Pro 4 bay (4x 2TB NAS HDD) - desktop network attached storage (1.7GHz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, Dual Gigabit Ethernet) | 4BAY-STDE8000200

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  • Pre-populated with 8TB of storage capacity (includes 4x 2TB Seagate NAS HDD HDD)

  • RAID Levels: 0:1:5:6:JBOD:

  • 1.7Ghz dual-core Intel® 64-bit CPU

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A complete network storage solution and private cloud for power users and businesses with up to 50 employees. Seagate NAS Pro 4-bay is a high-performance network storage solution offering the easiest setup and the industry's most intuitive interface. The NAS Pro 4-bay features hardware, software and Seagate drives designed to work together seamlessly, which reduces your setup time to just a few minutes and delivers reliable performance for years to come. In addition, Seagate runs hours of extensive tests on every NAS Pro 4-bay before it leaves our manufacturing facility, to further ensure the system is running at its best. The NAS Pro 4-bay runs Seagate NAS OS 4 software, completely designed from the ground up to deliver ease of use, performance, reliability and a flexible platform for running add-on apps, enabling you to do more with your NAS. With the App Manager in NAS OS 4, you can choose to install apps that enhance the functionality of the NAS, such as our surveillance app that turns the NAS into a recording solution for IP cameras or our anti-virus app that can scan files and identify potential threats before it's too late. Built with the latest Intel dual-core processor specifically for NAS, ample memory and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections, the NAS Pro 4-bay delivers the performance needed for data-intensive business tasks, such as photo and video editing, accessing large databases, or multiple simultaneous PC/Mac backups. With powerful hardware inside, the NAS Pro 4-bay is a great multi-tasker and can run multiple NAS OS 4 add-on apps simultaneously for increased productivity. Drives are the core of any high-capacity storage solution and Seagate delivers a specialized drive specifically for NAS systems. Seagate NAS HDD drives, included with the NAS Pro 4-bay, are engineered to run 24x7 to deliver the performance needed by various business applications, yet run cooler than other drives on the market.1 Furthermore, NAS HDD drives are rated for higher reliability than a standard desktop drive, offering more protection for your business's critical files. 1 except diskless model. The storage volume on the NAS Pro 4-bay is preconfigured, which can save you hours of setup time compared to traditional RAID configurations.1 If you choose to purchase our diskless model or want to change the default configuration, we offer SimplyRAIDTM technology to speed up and simplify that process too. SimplyRAID technology, built into the NAS OS software, will help you choose the RAID configuration that is best for your business by balancing performance, capacity and redundancy. Another benefit from our SimplyRAID technology is the ability to begin storing files and using the NAS instantly after choosing your preferred configuration. No more waiting hours or days for the RAID volume to build! One of the best things about owning a NAS is the ability to collaborate, share and access files from anywhere when on-the-go. Seagate enhances that experience with Seagate SdriveTM software for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. The Sdrive software for PC and Mac gives you the most intuitive access to the files stored on your NAS from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Sdrive software makesthe NAS appear as another drive connected to your computer, so you can drag-and-drop, view thumbnails and open files with your favorite programs. The Sdrive app for mobile devices keeps you connectedto your files with enhanced security. All files are encrypted beforethey leave the NAS and only the Sdrive app on your mobile device, combined with your user credentials, can decrypt and access the files.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name Seagate 8TB NAS Pro 4 bay (4x 2TB NAS HDD) - desktop network attached storage (1.7GHz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, Dual Gigabit Ethernet) | 4BAY-STDE8000200
Brand Seagate
Model STDE8000200
Series NAS Pro 4-Bay
Part No. STDE8000200
Dimensions (mm) 17.30 cm x 17.20 cm x 21.70 cm
Weight (kg) 7.00 Kg
Electrical Outlet Plug Type .


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