Seagate STBN8000200 8TB Business Storage 2 Bay Desktop NAS 2600

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  • Make automatic, continuous backups of multiple PC and Mac computers

  • Store files in a secure, central location

  • Create cost-effective, private cloud storage

  • Encrypt individual files to entire volumes of data

  • Transport large files using external drives

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Your Cloud, Your Business
  • The compact and sleek Seagate NAS 2-bay or 4-bay is the perfect asset for any business with increasing storage demands. The Seagate NAS comes with Seagate NAS OS 4, providing quick, anywhere access to your private cloud and all of your centralized files, along with third-party apps and other super-practical storage features.
  • Effortlessly configure and set up multiple devices with this clean, intuitive interface. From your laptop or desktop workstation, and equally from your tablet and smartphone, NAS OS 4 incorporates some of the best NAS software features so you can keep your projects available, secure and running smoothly.
Scalability is key. And the Seagate NAS allows you to decide on the capacity that’s right for you—from a comfortably large 2TB, up to a massive 20TB. Fire it up, complete the easy installation process, and begin centralizing your data, documents and other digital assets. Back up your PCs and Macs, and start collaborating and sharing productively.
A 1.2GHz ARM processor, with 512MB of RAM, provides up to an impressive 85MB/s of file transfer performance. That is powerful enough to support up to 25 users, and to help give the creative pros in your group the ability to access and collaborate on large, complex files.
Whether in the office or on-the-go, the Sdrive™ app for PC and Mac makes accessing your files just as easy as using an external drive connected to your computer. Just click on the Sdrive icon in Computer on your PC or in Finder on your Mac. You'll have access to the entire capacity of your Seagate NAS server anywhere you have an Internet connection. Sdrive delivers a familiar experience, just like any other folder on your computer, with no difference between accessing files at the office or when you are remote.
Seagate NAS uses NAS optimized drives—exclusively—in capacities up to 5TB. NAS HDDs are designed specifically for NAS applications running 24×7. and are much more reliable than standard desktop hard drives. With improved vibration tolerance and advanced management capabilities, the NAS HDDs on board can support several optimum power and performance profiles so you can strike the right balance.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Name Seagate STBN8000200 8TB Business Storage 2 Bay Desktop NAS
Brand Seagate
Series NAS 2-Bay
Part No. STBN8000200
Included HDD Capacity 8TB
Form Factor 2-Bay

Seagate NAS 2-bay is a full-featured network storage solution offering the easiest setup and the industry’s most intuitive interface. The NAS 2-bay features hardware, software and Seagate drives designed to work together seamlessly, which reduces your setup time to just a few minutes and delivers reliable performance for years to come. In addition, Seagate runs hours of extensive tests on every NAS 2-bay before it leaves our manufacturing facility, to further ensure the system is running at its best.

The NAS 2-bay runs Seagate NAS OS 4 software, completely designed from the ground up to deliver ease of use, performance, reliability and a flexible platform for running add-on apps, enabling you to do more with your NAS. With the App Manager in NAS OS 4, you can choose to install apps that enhance the functionality of the NAS, such as our surveillance app that turns the NAS into a recording solution for IP cameras or our anti-virus app that can scan files and identify potential threats before it’s too late. 

Drives are the core of any high-capacity storage solution and Seagate delivers a specialized drive specifically for NAS systems. Seagate NAS HDD drives, included with the NAS 2-bay, are engineered to run 24×7 to deliver the performance needed by various business applications, yet run cooler than other drives on the market.1
Furthermore, NAS HDD drives are rated for higher reliability than a standard desktop drive, offering more protection for your business’s critical files.

The storage volume on the NAS 2-bay is preconfigured, which can save you hours of setup time compared to traditional RAID configurations.1 If you choose to purchase our diskless model or want to change the default configuration, we offer SimplyRAID technology to speed up and simplify that process too. SimplyRAID
technology, built into the NAS OS software, will help you choose the RAID configuration that is best for your business by balancing performance, capacity and redundancy.

Dimensions (mm) 4.72" x 8.54" x 6.79" (L x W x D)
Weight (kg) 7.45lbs
Package Contents
  • Seagate NAS 2-Bay
  • 8TB HDD
  • Quick start guide
  • Ethernet cable
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Power cord
Electrical Outlet Plug Type AC power cord


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